Servants at Calvary 

Joe Gamez is our lead pastor.  He's been married to Ana for over 17 years.  Together they have seven children to the Glory of God!  Joe got saved in 1996 at an AMWAY convention in Houston, Texas.  That soapy career lasted less than a year but he continued to grow in his relationship with God.  The Lord eventually led him to Calvary Chapel San Antonio, the simple yet powerful verse by verse teaching is what inspired him to attend  Calvary Chapel Bible College where he also met his future wife.  After bible college he went back to San Antonio and served the Lord there until his calling to pastor on the beautiful San Juan Islands in 2007.

Karl Thomas is our Junior High Pastor for "raised jr high".   He has been working with island youth for well over 10 years.  The jr high group meets every Thursday evening at 7:00PM and on Sundays during second service.  He is also part of our Tuesday morning prayer group, if you need prayer or have a prayer request shoot him an email.  Karl also heads up our M.A.C.'s (Men at Calvary)breakfast the third saturday of every month.      

Greg Moses is our Children's ministry Pastor.   He serves alongside Pastor Joe in many of the day to day operations of the fellowship and he also loves serving with  Pastor Karl in the jr high ministry.  He basically loves everyone and is definitely someone to go to for prayer and or encouragment.  If you are new to the fellowship and want to serve or be involved more,  he's a good guy to talk to.